Sail the beautiful Whitsunday Islands and
Dive the Great Barrier Reef on board Kiana

About Kiana

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Kiana is a 60ft (16.5m) cutter rigged ketch that was launched in 1990. Purpose built as a charter sail and dive vessel no compromises were made in Kiana's design and fit out. Kiana's powerful diesel engine ensures you're never stranded if the wind should drop.

Maximum 14 Guests

Kiana carries a maximum of 14 passengers ensuring that our guests are never crowded.

Professional Crew of Three

Our crew consists of a qualified Skipper, Dive Instructor and Cook/Deckhand. A crew of three ensures that Kiana's guests never lack attention.

All Meals Prepared Fresh on Board

All meals are prepared on board Kiana from fresh ingredients. Our unique "marine hangi" will satisfy the gourmet within you. The Hangi (pronounced hung-e) is a traditional New Zealand Maori method of cooking in an earth oven. On Kiana we have adapted this concept with our own marine version.

Roomy Air-conditioned Interior

Being a deep draft vessel Kiana is particularly roomy below decks. All cabins and the saloon are fully air-conditioned to ensure comfortable temperatures in the heat of the tropics. The quality of Kiana's teak finish provides an ambience that cannot be matched by the plastic alternatives.

Private Twin Cabins Available

Kiana has shared single and shared double accommodation. If you require more privacy we have private twin cabins available for a small extra charge.

Large Bathrooms with Ample Fresh Hot Water

Kiana has two large bathrooms with electric toilets and freshwater showers. Our high capacity hot water system ensure that hot water is always available.

Large Permanently Shaded Aft Deck

The tropical sun can be very severe, particularly on those with fair skin from cooler climates. Kiana provides the best of both worlds with ample deck space for sun baking and a huge permanently shaded rear deck where you can cool off. The rear deck also provides protection from the elements on those rare occasions when there is a tropical rain shower.

Fully Equipped including Dive Compressor

Kiana is fully equipped for both snorkelling and scuba diving so all you need to bring is a smile. Kiana has an onboard high capacity dive compressor so your diving will not be limited to the number of spare scuba tanks that can be carried as is the case with most sail and dive vessels.

Those Little Extras

Kiana has many extras that help to improve the quality of your adventure. For example Kiana's galley is fully electric with a microwave/convention oven.